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Anett Tamási

I'm Anett Tamási, 33 years old. I graduated as a nail technician at the Crystal Nails Elite Nail Academy. After the basic course, I have obtained a number of certifications in technical and decoration trainings as I think continuous learning and development is essential. My main goal is to provide precise, elegant and sophisticated nails to my customers - in the highest quality. I feel lucky that women are able to experience everyday beauty and femininity through my work.

I look forward to welcoming everyone who wants to relax and beautify themselves.

Anett Tamási

gel polish and manicure Luxembourg

The salon

gel polish and manicure in Howald
gel polish and manicure in Howald
gel polish and manicure in Howald
gel polish and manicure in Howald
gel polish and manicure in Howald
gel polish and manicure in Howald


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Manicure is an essential part of the everyday beauty care. With its help we can do a lot for the beautiful, well-groomed, sophisticated appearance and to preserve our health. I recommend to repeat it every 2 weeks to keep our appearance flawless.

Hand care

Choose from my moisturizing, replenishing hand care treatments if you want your dry, chapped hands to feel soft and cared for. Choose either the SPA hand care or paraffin, you can be sure that not only your skin, but also your soul will be recharged.

Gel polish

After a precise manicure, your nails will have a flawless, perfect surface using the gel polish technique. It's the perfect solution for weak, brittle nails as the material is flexible. It can be used for both short and long nails and it lasts for 3-4 weeks.


You can choose from many decorations to make your nails even more special and unique. Stone, powder, glitter, transfer foil, sticker, ombre, stamp, etc.

Expertise. Precision.

Customer focus. Quality.

Since obtaining my profession, I have been guided by the pursuit of perfection every single day. When I welcome my guests in the salon and sit down with them at the table, time ceases to exist and the only thing that matters is that I provide something valuable for my guests. I believe that the quality and the passion for work is the most important. Quality in service, quality in the use of materials and quality in attention. You are the most important for me, you don't get nails made on the assembly line, but personal attention only. Come and try my services because you deserve the best.

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I work with premium quality, professional and vegan products, as I want to give you the best so you can relax and recharge.


I pay extra attention to disinfection and I await you with trendy, up-to-date techniques and decorations.


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I am waiting for you to relax, recharge and beautify!

Address: 2 Rue de l'École, L-1455 Howald